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Restoring your WHY in boat ownership

Providing best-in-class marine service with integrity, that provides peace of mind that your boat is always ready. 

Proactive approach to marine maintenance that maximizes your time on the water.

We take care of your boat so you don't have to


Mobile Marine Maintenance

We come to you – on the water, on your lift, in your driveway, or in the marina.  

We perform complete bow-to-stern services with unparalleled quality and integrity.  Our services include the installation, service and repair of outboard engines, electronics, generators, HVAC and refrigeration systems, electrical systems, water systems, fuel systems, trolling motors, anchoring, marine upholstery, cleaning and detailing, and more!

& MORE ...


Our proactive approach to marine maintenance that maximizes your time on the water through periodic inspections and preventative service (PIPS).  It starts with an “on-boat” interview to understand how you use your boat, discuss any potential areas of concern and catalog all major installed equipment. 

We develop a customized PIPS Checklist for subsequent visits.  With this routine service program, your boat will be maintained in premium condition so you can have the peace of mind that it will always be ready to enjoy.  Members will also have priority access to our in-house technicians and partner network for routine maintenance and ad-hoc needs, at a discount!

DockServ is a mobile marine service company

devoted to making boat ownership an enjoyable experience.


Founded by avid boat owners, we demand and deliver the best.


Always transparent, always honest, always fair.


We are your proactive partner.

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